Team Approach

Alexander P. Sah

Similar to how it takes a village to raise a child, we believe it takes a team to treat the individual.  In order to provide the most comprehensive care possible, we have developed specialists grouped in each phase of care.  The surgical team consists of the fellowship trained surgeon and orthopedic physician assistants.  We work with a select anesthesia group who perform the regional anesthesia we prefer.  The nursing staff is well-trained in our protocols to deliver the most streamline care possible postoperatively.  The Institute for Joint Restoration allows the nurses to focus only on joint replacement care.  With their specialization and vast experience, they are able to provide all of the necessary care and appropriately address any deviations from the expected.  Key to rapid recovery is the therapy afterwards.  Our physical therapists are leaders in their field in their own respect.  Our case managers are professionals in planning care after discharge with home health services, or skilled nursing planning if necessary.  Continuing through our food service and volunteers, the entire staff has the goal to treat each patient as if they were the only one in the building.  Our team approach is a pillar to our overall success.