Alexander P. Sah

A consultation at Sah Orthopaedics Associates at the Institute for Joint Restoration is a thorough and comprehensive evaluation and examination.  To achieve this goal, there are multiple people involved in obtaining your medical history and personal information.  This is an important part of the visit because, more often than not, these aspects play a role in their hip or knee joint care.  To facilitate your experience at the clinic, we provide patient forms for you to complete prior to your initial visit.

The clinical evaluation begins with a discussion of the history of the problem, and the signs and symptoms.  Next, a physical examination is performed to assess the source and cause of the symptoms.  Xrays are needed in the assessment of the hip or knee joint.  The IJRR facility has xray available.  Xrays can be ordered before an appointment at the Menlo Park office, and should be brought to the visit. MRI and other diagnostic tests can be ordered and performed at Washington Hospital, or can be ordered on a prescription to be obtained at a location convenient to you.  The goal by the end of the visit is to have an understanding of the cause of your joint pain, and to develop a plan to help you achieve the level of healing and health that allows you to regain the active lifestyle you desire. 

Most new patient appointments can typically take 1.5-2.5 hours to gather the medical history, obtain xrays, perform the examination, and to complete the consultation.  We encourage our patients to bring reading materials and drinks/snacks.  Please wear loose and comfortable clothing, especially pants or shorts that will allow examination of the lower legs.  If you have prior xrays or MRI imaging, you may bring them with the associated typed report by the radiologist.  Similarly, if you have had prior hip or knee surgery, if available, bring the Operative Note and, if you’ve had joint replacement, the Implant Sticker sheet, which can both be obtained from the hospital where your surgery was obtained. 

Please bring your insurance card and information. We will do everything possible to assist you in working with your insurance company.  While we may be an out-of-network provider with your particular insurance, however, most insurance companies do cover our services as an out-of-network provider. You may contact Joelle at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call, 510-818-7200 for billing questions.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please give us 48 hours notice so we may offer your appointment time to another patient.