Advanced Pain Management

Alexander P. Sah

As successful as joint replacement is in restoring patient function, it has traditionally been limited by the post-surgery pain in recovery.  I have been driven to optimize patient outcomes by minimizing pain after surgery while also reducing medication side effects.  I have had a particular interest in developing special protocols, and lecturing and teaching about them at national meetings and conferences.

Multimodal pain management is the use of many different medications in smaller doses, with the goal of providing even better pain relief, with fewer side effects.  In particular, opioid reduction and its associated side effects is a key element of this multimodal technique.  Advancements such as this have allowed me to reduce hospital length of stay and speed patient recovery and to even develop my outpatient joint replacement program.  Partial knee replacement patients and anterior hip replacement patients often have minimal to no pain after surgery.  Even my major revision hip and knee replacement patients have benefited from these techniques and are able to go home within one day of surgery.

I have found this area of interest to be rewarding to both me and my patients.  I am often amazed at the rapid recovery and early return to activities achieved with these protocols.  The opportunities to speak as faculty at meetings and collaborate with my colleagues from across the country in this space allows me to bring the most advanced techniques back to my patients.  This is a constantly evolving process, and I remain dedicated to providing my patients optimal pain relief while minimizing side effects.

Presentations on Multimodal Pain Management
Alexander Sah, “Moving to the Outpatient Setting: Opioid-sparing multimodal protocols in total joint arthroplasty”
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Alexander Sah, “Optimizing Pain Management for Outpatient Joint Replacement”
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Presentation at ICJR 3rd Annual Pan Pacific Orthopedic Congress, Kona, Hawaii, 2016
Alexander Sah, “Long Lasting Periarticular Injection- Optimizing Technique”
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Presentation at 4th Annual Utah Hip and Knee Arthroplasty Symposium, Deer Valley, 2016
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Presentation and Moderator at Same Day Surgery Symposium, AAHKS, Dallas, 2015
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Alexander Sah, “Use of Exparel, a long-acting bupivicaine, for improved pain control in total knee arthroplasty”
Presentation at Outpatient Arthroplasty Meeting, Kirkland, 2014

Publications and Committees on Pain Management Advances

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Chair, Pain Management ASC Task Force, CA Orthopedic Association, 2017-19

Principal Investigator, Steering Committee, Exparel TKA Wound Infiltration RCT, 2016-7