The Beginning

Alexander P. Sah

Since beginning practice, I have had an interest in improving pain management, optimizing blood-saving techniques, and improving the patient experience after joint replacement.  Each year, I modify my protocols with techniques I have developed, shared with colleagues, or learned through research. 

As a result, three years ago, I realized that my patients were recovering so quickly that they could ambulate sooner, meet rehabilitation goals faster, and go home earlier.  I initiated a new rapid recovery program at the Institute for Joint Restoration in 2014. After testing the protocols in the safety of the inpatient hospital environment, I created and became Director of the Outpatient Joint Replacement Program at Washington Outpatient Surgery center that same year.

Since that time, I have performed essentially all of my partial knee replacement surgeries at that facility, with patients all going home the same day as surgery.  I have presented my experience and patient outcomes with outpatient joint replacement at our major national orthopedic meetings.  This year, I have performed total knee replacements at the Surgery Center, and they have also successfully been able to go home the day of surgery.  Similarly, I am the first to discharge select total hip replacement patients home just hours after surgery at the Surgery Center.  I am the only surgeon performing outpatient joint replacements at this facility.  I continue to look for ways to improve the process while ensuring the optimal patient experience.